Git and Meld

October 24, 2013 at 08:15 PM | categories: software | View Comments

I use meld as my git merge tool, and the latest version of Ubuntu (13.10) changed its interface, breaking my merge workflow.

Previously, I had a .gitconfig containing:

    tool = meld-autoresolve
    defaultToUpstream = true
[mergetool "meld-autoresolve"]
    cmd = meld --diff $LOCAL $BASE $REMOTE $MERGED

Which shows a 3-way diff, automatically picks all nonconflicting changes, and writes the resolved file to the correct location.

Meld 1.7 changed its CLI UI (thanks, GNOME), so to get a 3-way diff which writes to the correct file and also auto-picks nonconflicting changes, the proper invocation is now:

[mergetool "meld-autoresolve"]
    cmd = meld --output $MERGED $LOCAL $BASE $REMOTE --auto-merge
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